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Tabernacle Records distributed by Juno.

Ride The Gyroscope distributed by Clone.

TABR035 – Afloat, on Complex Wings

Release Date: 29/02/16

4 tracks divined from the aether and lovingly transcribed as audio data for your listening pleasure.

TABR035 A Side TABR035 B Side

Available on vinyl and digital.

TABR034 – Presentiment

Release Date: 22/02/16

With 12 tracks that capture their unique and awe-inspiring sound, 'Presentiment' opens you up to a world that only The Connection Machine have access to.

TABR034 A Side TABR034 B Side
TABR034 Insert Front TABR034 Insert Back

Music by Jeroen Brandjes and Natasja Hagemeier

Mastered at Schnittstelle

Artwork by Andrew Ingram

Inserts by Jeroen Brandjes and Olly Venning

Available on double vinyl (limited to 350 copies) with download code, and on digital.

TABR033 – Callisto

Release Date: 14/12/15

TABR033 A Side TABR033 B Side

Vinyl only.

TABR032 – Hybrid Science E.P.

Release Date: 24/08/15

TABR032 A Side TABR032 B Side

Illustration by Jason Hernandez

Vinyl only.

TABR031 – Methods Of Transfer Book I

Release Date: 01/06/15

TABR030 A Side TABR030 B Side

Vinyl only.