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TABR028 – Underwater Title

Release Date: 16/10/14

TABR028 A Side TABR028 B Side

Vinyl only.

Distributed by dnp-music.com

TABR027 – Desolate Remixes

Release Date: 14/07/14

Desolate Figures gets remixed by three diverse artists of the moment.

TABR027 A Side TABR027 B Side

Artwork by Andrew Ingram

Vinyl only.

Distributed by dnp-music.com

TABR026 – Visionz Of An Abstract Plane

Release Date: 19/05/14

Datastreams formed via the merging of spin ½ wavefunctions, refracted through myriad unit spheres in momentum space. Alternative visionz divined by Lost Trax.

TABR026 A Side TABR026 B Side

Artwork by Andrew Ingram

Vinyl only.

Distributed by dnp-music.com

TABR025 – Nihil

Release Date: 17/03/14

Anom Vitruv continues to go against the tide with his second Mini LP on the label.

TABR025 A Side TABR025 B Side

Photography by Morten Andenæs

Vinyl only.

Distributed by dnp-music.com

TABR024 – Monotypes

Release Date: 20/01/14

Arcanoid presents his exploratory take on techno and electro.

TABR024 A Side TABR024 B Side

Vinyl only.

Distributed by dnp-music.com

TABR023 – Back Alley Terminator

Release Date: 07/10/13

Recently acclaimed for his high quality remixes, this time it's John Heckle's turn to be remixed. Back Alley Terminator is a menacing and industrial single, accompanied by three suitably dark reworks.

TABR023 A Side TABR023 B Side

Artwork by Alan Kerr

Vinyl only, limited to 350 copies.

Distributed by dnp-music.com

TABR022 – Desolate Figures

Release Date: 11/11/13

The long-awaited second album from John Heckle.

TABR022 A Side TABR022 B Side
TABR022 C Side TABR022 D Side

Artwork by Andrew Ingram

Available on double vinyl, and on digital from Bleep and Boomkat.

Distributed by dnp-music.com

TABR021 – Dichotomy Pt.1

Release Date: 16/09/13

The first part of Paul Mitchell's Dichotomy series is a set of mind-expanding light and dark synth pieces.

TABR021 A Side TABR021 B Side

Vinyl only, limited to 300 copies.

Distributed by dnp-music.com